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Del Mar College Dual Credit Certifications and Degrees 
Associate in Liberal Arts (Multidisciplinary Studies)
Associate in Applied Science* 
with select degree/certification plans 
Cosmetology Certification 
Advanced Welding Certification  
Automotive Suspension, Driveline, Break Specialist Certification 
Firefighter Certificate 
Court Reporting Certificate 
Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) 
Phlebotomy Technician 
Electrocardiography (EKG) Technician 
High School Diploma 
Foundation with an Endorsement and Distinguished level of Achievement
English Language Arts - 4 credits 
Mathematics - 4 credits, including Algebra 2  
Science- 4 credits 
Social Studies- 3 credits 
Physical Education- 1 credit 
Languages other than English- 2 credits 
Fine Arts- 1 credit 
Electives- 7 credits 
Total of 26 Credits  
Areas of Study for Endorsements
Business and Industry 
Public Service 
Arts and Humanities 
Multidisciplinary Studies