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Saturday, November 10, 2012
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Who are we???

Corpus Christi College Preparatory High School offers a unique opportunity for students who want a non-traditional experience-based education that will prepare them to be successful in the college of their choice. Our teachers are expert educators who bring more to the table than lecturing from text books. Our small class sizes allow us to identify each student’s learning style and to tailor our instruction to empower individual learning strengths.

 Whenever possible, we “show” instead of “tell” by using off-campus learning experiences to integrate the four foundational elements of a classical education: math, science, language arts, and the study of history and government. We create hands-on projects that impact the community in positive ways. We even facilitate internships to provide mentoring for our students as they acquire valuable real-life skills.

 Our goal at CCCP is to intrigue and inspire young learners, because a love of learning is at the heart of educational success. Our aim is to spark self-motivation by offering a high-interest curriculum and teachers who are passionate about what they do. Prepare for lifelong success at Corpus Christi College Preparatory High School.

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